Frequently Asked Questions

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  • The experience: of over 50 years from the largest central vacuum manufacturer in Canada and an extended network of professionals.
  • The high performance and reliability: of a central vacuum renowned worldwide for its durability; its innotive technologies; and its exceptional performance, clearly superior to that of a portable vacuum.
  • The ease and speed: of use of a hose that follows you everywhere and unique and handy attachments.
  • The fresh air: that our systems offer by capturing dust and allergens, without releasing any into ambient air.
  • The quietness: of a unit with unmatched soundproofing.

Water lift (H2O) mainly measures the central vacuum’s engine strength, that is to say the strength with which the air is moved. The speed at which the air moves is a good indicator of the suction power. This data indicates, among other things, if the chosen power unit will be able to suck up larger debris of a certain weight. It is therefore a primordial element to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner, especially if you intend to use an air driven powerhead: the greater the suction strength, the faster the roller will turn! This data is also crucial if you want to use the retractable hose system because it is precisely this force that will make the hose retract into the piping system.

This data measures the quantity of air that is moved at the same time, in cubic feet per minute (CFM) or in cubic meter per hour (CMH). A high airflow creates an important air movement, thus considerably increasing the capacity to vacuum dust and dirt within a larger range. This data is more important if you intend to use an electric powerhead: since it’s the electricity that will make the roller turn, the air movement created is of greater interest.

Airwatt is a measurement that represents the motor performance, taking both these technical data into account. It is in fact calculated with a ratio between the airflow (CFM/CMH) and the water lift (H2O). It is therefore a major technical data that must be considered, although it is very sensitive to other factors, and so it would be inconvenient to only consider Airwatt.

Having understood the respective interest of these two technical terms, it is important to know that these two characteristics ensure a maximal power output together. It is therefore essential to analyse both these data as a whole, and not independently.

DATA SYNC: a technology at the service of comfort!

With the DATA SYNC speed selector, you will no longer need all your cleaning gear; everything is easily done with your central vacuum. Simply start your system by pressing the switch on the hose handle and select the required speed:

Speed 1: Curtains and plants

Speed 2: Furniture and walls

Speed 3: Hardwood and ceramic floors

Speed 4: Carpets and rugs

In terms of maintenance, the DATA SYNC technology makes it easier for you. The monitors signal the appropriate moment to change the bag or empty the canister of your vacuum unit,  and even indicate when mechanical maintenance is recommended. All this information is available on the front of the unit, as well as on the hose handle, right at your fingertips!