CYCLOVAC designed multiple filtration systems, including reusable filters as well as disposable bags, all provided with an antimicrobial treatment preventing the growth and poliferation of bacteria and mold. Our unique carbon dust filter captures the fine black dust produced by the unit's moto(s).

Here, you will find all the bags, filters, and complete filtration kits for the proper maintenance of CYCLO VAC systems.

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3 itin atsparūs elektrostatiniai filtro maišeliai


3 itin atsparūs elektrostatiniai filtro maišeliai su trimis grioveliais skirti H215, GS311, GX311, GX510, H615, HX615, GX710 HEPA, GS711, GX711, GX711 De Luxe, GX711 HEPA, H715, HX715, GX910, GX910 HEPA, GS2011, GX2011, H2015, HX 2015, GX5011, GX7011, GX7011 HEPA, HX7515 modeliams.

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3 trumpi elektrostatiniai filtro maišeliai

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3 trumpi elektrostatiniai filtrų maišeliai su trimis grioveliais skirti GS91, GS95, E100, GS111, GS111 Hair Jet, GS115, Axess, Constructor centrinio siurblio modeliams.


Prekės kodas: TDSAC03C